Welcome to the Bad Piggies Wikia piglet contributers! Please read the following below before you start editing.

NOTE:All terms may change without notice 

  • The Bad Piggies Wikia is an editable encyclopediac website/community to share facts and knowledge about the game and anything related to or in it. Thus, any Fanon information found in this wikia shall be deleted in notice.
  • Spamming and Vandalism is dealt with strictly within the wiki. If you vandalize or spam in the comments, blog posts or on pages, you will be blocked. 
  • All info on these pages are all avalible use. please ask the author of the page or an Admin/Star Admin/Beaurcrat (check the first user that made/typed majority of pages). Failure to do so may result in removal and blocks. 
  • Bans may occur without a reason, if you believe you were banned unfairly please check the user that banned you and leave them a message on there Community Wikia Profile/another wikia.
  • No info on stinky *cough* birds. (Wait did I just break that rule)
  • Do not write on the pages of how to get purchasable features for free. The only "How-to" that can be written is how to finish/perfect the level.
  • Typing in Personal Preferences is considered as Vandalism.
  • Have Fun on the wikia.
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