Bad Piggies
Bad Piggies
Bad Piggies


September 27th, 2012



Bad Piggies is a game to build vehicles to test out gadgets! It's similar to Amazing Alex. Build your own vehicle and give it a try!


In total, Bad Piggies has 135 levels (Including Sandbox), and are classified into "episodes".

  1. Ground Hog Day : The pigs discover mathematic & science tools, and use them to create a map showing where all of the eggs are located. As the map is shreded through a fan, the piggies make it a quest to find all the map pieces. Contains 45 levels, however certain levels are only available when you've collected enough stars.
  2. When Pigs Fly : The Pigs have the map! They search everywhere up to the spot where the eggs are and then they find them. However, the birds are scheming with paint.
  3. Flight In The Night : The Pigs have finnaly got the egg, however, the birds are ready on slingshots ready to destroy the piggies machine! However, the piggs eventually figure out the birds painted rocks in place of real eggs
  4. Road Hogs  : Try to get to the checkpoint as fast as you can! 
  5. Sandbox  : Go find 20 stars (40 in Field of Dreams) all around a massive area, it may seen impossible but you will recieve items as you go!
  6. Field of Dreams 
  7. Rise and Swine : The pigs are back, but this time the King Pig is hungry and wants cake! 
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