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This wiki is about Bad Piggies, the spin-off and subbrand of the insanely popular Angry Birds franchise, that anyone can help edit!

We currently have 444 articles, 961 files and 1 videos since 2012, when the wiki was created.

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Build your best vehicles yet!

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Download Bad Piggies now!
Build your best vehicles yet!
Choose a Pig!
Long Green Tales!
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Balloons are items used in Bad Piggies, first introduced in When Pigs Fly.

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This image shows Corporal Pig, a militaristic, bossy pig found in the Angry Birds franchise. The image is used on these pages:
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This is the sixth episode of Piggy Tales titled, "Push-button". To know more about the episode, go here.

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For those who don't remember me, I'm Gsguedes, aka Guedes, the one who created this wiki and tried to do stupid things, deserving to be removed from this wiki administration. I returned to the wiki …

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