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This is the criteria for making an article featured, making the WikiBlueprints: Pigs' goals easier to accomplish. There are 3 namespaces that can be featured for the Blueprint: Articles, Media, and Users, each of which has it's own criteria of being featured. These criteria must be kept on mind for reviewers. For those reviewers who are trying to review nominated articles, go to the Nominations tab.

Note: The criteria below will only be checked on articles, media, and users involved on this Blueprint.


  • Well-written
  1. Articles with no incorrect grammar and spelling.
  2. Articles with no abbreviations or shortcuts.
  • Straight
  1. Articles that states the main aspects of the topic.
  2. Articles that does not go off-topic.
  • Neutral
  1. Articles that views the topic equally and fairly on each side.
  2. Articles that does not state personal preference or hater information.
  • Stable
  1. Articles that does not happen to have an edit war.
  • Illustrated
  1. Articles with good amount of media.
  • Content
  1. Articles with personality, history, and trivia sections that also meets the Well-writtenStraight, and Neutral criteria.


  • Descriptive
  1. Media that describes or features the character's appearance.
  2. Media that further explains text.
  • Noticable
  1. Media that is used on atleast one article involved on the Blueprint.
  • Captioned
  1. Media that has a caption to describe of whatever the media is expressing or featuring.
  • Template-used and Categorized
  1. Media that is used on templates and/or categorized on galleries or such.


  • Loyal
  1. Users that always come back atleast daily or weekly, but atleast makes a minimum of 10 edits on namespaces involved on this Blueprint.
  • Protective
  1. Users that always removes vandalisms and spams, or reports it.
  • Interactive
  1. Users that participates on almost all of the contests of this Blueprint.
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