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KingPig Crown
WikiBlueprints: Pigs goals is to improve greatly articles under the Pigs category. Articles that have greatly improved can be Featured. Each Blueprint has each sign of featuring. In this Blueprint, you'll see a crown at the upper-right corner of the screen of the featured article.. Other Blueprints have a different sign. It has it's independent NavTab, as seen above. To see the criteria, click on the checklist. To see the nominations, click the nomination button. To go back to the WikiBlueprint's main page, click the semi-scrolled blueprint.

There are 3 namespaces that can be featured: Articles, Media, or Users. Featured namespaces can only be featured through a discussion. It must first be nominated, by creating a link on the Nominated Tab above, and put your signature. Then an Admin will check it weekly. There will be a discussion between the reviewer (Admin or other willing Blueprint Participants) on your talk page. The article will then be either be passed or failed. Only nominate if the article is what you think is deserved.

Passed Featured Articles
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