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WikiBlueprints:Pigs is a project of the improvement of articles under the Pigs category, as part of the WikiBlueprints series of projects. As of now, this is the project with the least articles. For further information on certain topics of the Blueprint, click on one of the tabs above.

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King Pig is the leader, or specifically the King of the pigs. He never gives up on his (food-related) quests, even when he is beaten up all the time. He's the reason that the pig are attempting to take the egg, but the pigs may probably want the eggs too.

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Pigs are the characters responsible for the creation of the Angry Birds franchise. As the birds are inspired from wingless and legless sketches of birds, the pigs however are inspired from the Swine flu epidemic, which was seen on television by the developers, Rovio Entertainment, explaining their skin color and dark green spots.

The pigs are the one who stole the eggs, which made the birds angry. They have been doing the same up until now, either from Japan or Space, on the seas or the mountains, and as the antagonist counterparts on the different Angry Birds tie-ins, such as Angry Birds Star Wars II.

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