Balloons are used to lift up vehicles, but only connects to Boxes or pigs. These are useful if the player wants to go up, or when the level gives no other items that lifts boxes up, such as Fireworks, and Helicopter Rotors.


Balloons comes in 3 packs: Single, Double, and Triple.Categorized by how much space they occupy in the build grid and their lifting force.Balloons will only attach to pigs or Boxes. They will pop when clicking the button to pop a single balloon (random pick, there is only one button for all balloons). They will also pop on contact with a terrain form.


  • One-star variations include stars and cakes.
  • Two-star variations include ducks and fish.
  • Three-star variations include King Pig, bananas and ghosts.
  • The Ghost variation comes with unique sounds when it is popped. Some of these sounds are from Angry Birds.


  • If single balloons are placed under the pig, they will phase through the pig eventually.
  • Balloons are exact opposites of Sandbags.
  • Grappling Hooks can (but sometimes won't) pop balloons.
  • They have a glitch in that if they are forced into the same space as Freckled Pig they will cause his pupils to disappear. (Patched.)
  • The ghost balloon is supposed to have 3 different possible faces, but 2 of them don't appear and thus result in faceless ghosts.
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