Chef Pig
Chef Pig's designation





First Level Appearance

(Silhouetted) Rise and Swine Level 2-1 Cutscene


Makes food for the King

Chef Pig is the King Pig's chef. He is unfortunately only shown on the cutscenes and Feed the King Pig mini-game.


The most intelligent of the pigs, chef pig always scheming to eat eggs himself and thus become king.


Chef Pig has an upside-down curved-angled triangle with a moustache and a chef hat. He also has a blue lining under his eyes. He is called Wizpig in Angry Birds Epic.

History and early life

In the Rise and Swine level 2-1 cutscene he appears for the first time in-game.

He is King Pig's chef, he also wrote a book called 'Bad Piggies's Egg Recipes’. On Angry Birds Toons, he seems to want to have the king’s role as seen on the episode Trojan Egg.

On Angry Birds 2, he appears as the first boss on the game. He haves a easy boss strategy.


  • The probable reason why there are sweets scattered around each level is because Chef Pig, while delivering sweets, was crashed upon on by Ross, resulting to the scattering of the sweets.
  • His second appearance was the Angry Birds Toons face, it only appear on The Road to El Porkado last cutscene.
  • In dessert mode, the Chef Pig occasionally jumps out from behind a pillar, on the left side of the screen, looks from side to side, and jumps back. This doesn't affect gameplay in any way.
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