“Dessert Mode” are the one of the gamemode that you can feed the King Pig.

The "Dessert Mode" minigame (with the exceptionally large King Pig).


  • "Dessert Mode” is a minigame in Bad Piggies. The point of this minigame is to feed King Pig as much dessert as you can. 


This minigame has only one objective and it is to feed the King Pig with much dessert as you have. This mini-game can be accessed by pressing the Crown button on the lower-right of the level-selection screen or pressing the cake slice button next to the next level button after finishing a level. When you feed him he will get bigger and bigger in his sizes until he burps out random objects or Power-ups and become normal-sized again. This is the only way to get Power-Ups for PC port version of Bad Piggies Game.


The Dessert is an item used in this mini-game. They can be acquired if you touched the dessert while playing story or sandbox levels. Rise and Swine is the episode that gives the more dessert, higher chance to Golden Cupcake to appear.

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