The Dessert mode (with a exceptionally large King Pig)


"Feed the King Pig' is a mini-game in Bad Piggies. The objective of the mini-game is to feed King Pig as much desserts as can. 

Note:There aren't orders of candy eating.


This Minigame has only one object and it is to feed the King Pig with much dessert as can. This mini-game can be accesed by pressing the Crown button on the lower-right of the level-selection screen or pressing the cake slice button next to the next level button after finishing a level. When you feed him he will get fatter and fatter until he burps out random objects or Power-ups  and become normal-sized again. This is one way to acquire power-ups.


The Desserts are items used in the Mini-game. They can be acquired by touching them while playing story or sandbox levels.Rise and Swine is the level that gives the most candy.

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