Desserts are items found in levels and crates. A level has a certain amount of spaces where cakes can spawn, and a limit to how many cakes can spawn in total. They appear in multiple variants in the levels. When collected, they can be fed to the King Pig in Dessert Mode. Different types of cakes will not affect the chance to get something useful, except for Golden Cupcakes. If all cakes in a level have been collected, then leaving the level and going back will respawn them. All cakes must be picked up for this to work.

Types of Desserts

Regular Cakes

Regular Cakes are the cakes you'll find in random spots in all levels, all bonus levels, all campaign sandboxes, Field of Dreams, Find the Skulls, Little Pig Adventure, Find the Statues, and from crates. The cakes that are larger visually do have a larger hitbox and are therefore easier to pick up. All cakes emit frosting particles and a strawberry particle when picked up, along with the small stars that appear when picking up star boxes.


Golden Cupcakes

Golden Cupcake are a rare type of cake that have 10% chance of spawning in a level instead of a normal cake. They have the same appearance and size as a normal cupcake, just colored differently. They can also be obtained from crates, but not if you get a lot of cakes. A golden cupcake will take up 1 slot.


  • If the Golden Cupcake spawns, there’s only 1 Golden Cupcake scattered through the map, no other cakes appear.
  • In the ”Rise and Swine” cutscene, Chef Pig isn’t carrying Golden Cupcakes in the tray, which means the Golden Cupcake has probably been dropped by an anonymous pig.
  • In Bad Piggies' image files, along with decorational objects from Tusk 'Til Dawn, there many cake-like objects that don't appear in any levels. (Cakes that you can pick up in the game found above, decorational objects from Tusk 'Til Dawn on left, random cakes from game files on right of this image ----->
    (these are not the only decorational things and not the only weird cakes in the game files, this is just an example)
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