The Egg

First Level Appearance

Level 4-1



The Egg is the main reason why the Pigs are recollecting the Map Pieces to get them to it. There are three Angry Birds Eggs but only one is featured in the game.


The role of the Egg is somewhat suicidal in the game, yet it is to be (unsuccessfully) eaten by the Pigs. In the Angry Birds series, the Egg is their baby and is protected by the Birds. On other times, the Pigs sometimes takes the egg with ease, but is stopped by the Birds later on.

Egg (Item)

The Egg is an exclusive item in Flight in the Night. Unlike the other levels before it, you will need both this and the Pig to finish the level in Flight in the Night.

They have been stolen by the Piggies in almost all Angry Birds Games (Classic, Seasons and Space)


  • Something to note is that the Tier I egg (skull) actually changes the size and hit box of the egg.
  • It is unique in that it is one of the only items to be placed sideways when brought into the building grid.
  • The Egg is one of two items that must be carried to the finish with the pig in its respective level of appearance (the other being the Pumpkin with Candy).
  • Despite being fragile in real life, not even a crack would appear on it when it falls from a high place.
  • The Blues are the ones that has been preventing the Pigs from getting the (real) Egg with their pranks.
  • The Egg is revealed to be a painted rock in the end.
  • The variants of the egg are all unique in a way: they require some form of unlock to obtain. The skull requires the

    The Pineapple variant is in the middle as you can see.

    Find the Skulls sandbox to be unlocked, the mini statue requires the Find the Statues sandbox, and the pineapple is an unlock, found in Level 6-12 in the top left corner above the build site. The golden egg is the only exception to this rule.
  • An Alien version of the egg exist, when put in a vehicle, the vehicle is coated with blue glue which makes the vehicle indestructible. Also,the design is a reference to the alien eggs on the movie Aliens.


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