The Fan looks similar to what it name says. It is half as big as a box and is powered by Freckled pig or a engine. Its the first powered item that appears in game.



Without a motor, the fan has extremely low speed.  It is much slower than the fan with power.  However, If the fan is facing downwards and has sufficient power, it will push the vehicle upwards, but will only fly a certain distance above the terrain.  This means it can be user to make a vehicle hover.  Its alien variation, however, won't hover unless the same amount of fans are pushing down.  This can't be used to adjust the hovering height.


  • When a fan is hovering, cakes will be counted as terrain and will thus be hovered over if you're moving at low speeds.
  • When active, the fan's entire texture rotates.  In the fan's case, only the propeller inside rotates, not the cage on the outside.
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