Field of Dreams is an in-app purchase for Bad Piggies (free on the PC and formerly, NOOK versions) that is currently available for iOS, Android, and PC. It seems to be 2 Sandbox levels merged together as it has 40 star boxes. It also has a large number of every single part in the game EXCEPT for the Head Lamp and the Lamp Light, even ones that were not available in previous ones. The level was formerly included free on the NOOK (as in game purchases are not available), but was removed with the Flight in the Night/Road Hogs update. It has only 1 level. The level is generally larger and open than most Sandboxes, but towards the end there are rock platforms, TNT and a boundary. The level contains 40 desserts and Sandboxes.


  • Field of Dreams is the largest level in Bad Piggies
  • The Detatcher Item was added with Tusk 'til Dawn as an exclusive item to the Field of Dreams, but was introduced to the regular levels once 'The Road to El Porkado' was released.
  • Field of Dreams has a rock wall boundary enclosing the huge space, meaning that most contraptions cannot go out of the screen. However, a fast enough car can bypass the wall hitbox and exit the screen.
  • it is believed that there is an invisible star, as some people like Awesome gameplays has 41/40 stars
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