The Fireworks as seen on the Bad Piggies Cinematic Trailer.

First Level Appearance


Boost Strength




Fireworks are items in Bad Piggies. They can be commonly seen throughout the later levels of the game after being introduced on When Pigs Fly. When turned on, it will start making a sound of a burning fuse and after a second, will make anything it is connected to move in the direction they are pointing.

Fireworks are 50% more powerful and last three times longer, than their counterparts, the Soda Bottles.

Types of Fireworks

There are two colors/types of fireworks in Bad Piggies:

  • Red Firework
  • Blue Firework

The Blue and Red Fireworks have the same mass, thrust and duration. They differ, only by color. This is useful if you want to activate only a specific group of fireworks at once.


  • The firework's one-star variation has a lighter color, along with stars being painted on them.
  • The firework's two-star variation will explode when it reaches the end of its fuse, similarly to a real firework.
  • The firework's three-star variation is meant to look like a dragon.


  • Fireworks are commonly used in the later levels of the game after being introduced.
  • Some people may have a hard time on rotating Fireworks and Soda Bottles, because their tutorial looks like the hand is dragging it, instead of tapping.
  • There is a delay between the inital button press for the fireworks and the actual launching because the fuse for the fireworks is burning down.
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