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Flight in the Night
Flight in the Night Episode

Release Date

October 25, 2012

Episode Number

4(Released 3rd)



Flight in the Night is the fourth episode released in Bad Piggies. It has a total of 45 levels including the bonus levels.


After realizing that the telescope has painted eggs on the lens, they took the advantage of the night to steal the eggs, where they found Red & Chuck sleeping beside the eggs. Ross sneakily approach them and stole one of their eggs. The pigs are excited and King Pig suggests to put it at their contraption while making their way to escape from the birds. But after 30 levels, the pigs discover the Egg was actually a Rock! (another one of the Blues's pranks).

Introduced Items

  • Egg
  • Rope

Introduced Features

  • Angry Birds shooting you when things become too noisy (engine sounds)


3-star walkthroughs

3-star walkthroughs, bonus levels


  • The birds shooting themselves at you are the same ones that are in Angry Birds, with the same abilities.
  • Before they appear to attack you in levels, the birds appear sleeping, as decorational objects. If the pig touches them, they don't do anything.
  • Bomb appears sleeping in 4-10, and has his own animations in the game files, but never actually appears in a level to attack you. (otherwise, he would be very destructive.)
  • in level 32, there is the wind like in when pigs fly