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The Frames are the main item on Bad Piggies. They appear in almost all levels and their variants can either be metal or wooden.

The wooden boxes as they appear carrying the pig and connected to the wheels.


Frames are the main parts of the vehicle. They are used to connect items such as a Soda Bottle and carry other vehicle parts in it such as the Pig and the Motor. You cannot start a ride having Motors that are not in a Box. (frame)


There are two kinds of frames (boxes):

  • Wooden
  • Metal


These frames have the same use, but the main difference between the two frames are:

  • Metal Frames are more durable, but at the cost of being heavier.
  • Wooden Frames have less weight, but wood frames are also less durable.

Below is the comparison of weight between the two frames. (boxes)

The Metal Box weighs twice that of the Wooden Box.

A result of a test on a 2 by 3 box made out of Wood. All 6 Boxes have separated from each other after the fall.

The result of the same test, but with a 2 by 3 box made out of metal. As you can see, from the same height, the Metal box did not separate from each other much.

If a frames receives enough force, it can do either of the following:

  •  Break off of other parts
  •  Release the object it is holding
  •  Both of the above at the same time.



  • Wood's one-star variations include blue, green and gingerbread frames.
  • Wood's two-star variations include pink, the basic wooden frames with bars, and flowers.
  • Wood's three-star variations include two more detailed wooden frames, one with boards partly covering whatever's inside the frame and a pumpkin.


  • Metal's one-star variations include a bronze frame, a black frame with bars and a red frame.
  • Metal's two-star variations include black, bone, purple and the basic metal frames with Christmas lights.  The Christmas lights variation will provide light in dark levels, making it very useful to get early in the game.
  • Metal's three-star variations include gold, black with a much smaller window and purple with curtains.
  • Metal also has an Alien variation that lets it slide on terrain as if it were ice.