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Freckles standalone

Ross is the pilot or main protagonist in the game. He is the main element for a vehicle, as a vehicle is not able to start without Ross in the 'construction area' and it is impossible to finish a level without Ross touching the finish line. This means that broken bits of vehicle will not finish the level. He is one of King Pig's most favoured pigs, as he constructs vehicles in the name of King Pig to help his community catch bird eggs.

Although most call him Freckles, or simply 'Pig', his real name is Ross.

Ross is the main character/protagonist of Bad Piggies. He is able to build and drive vehicles to get to a certain point of Piggy Island. He is sometimes in the company of King Pig and Mechanic Pig. Ross can propel wheels, umbrellas, suction cup wheels (etc.) as well as turn a motor or mechanical function on and off.

Appearance Edit

Ross looks similar to the minion pigs, but with three dark green freckles on both of his cheeks, hence his nickname.

Abilities Edit

Ross is able to construct and Pilot vehicles through all kinds of obstacles and terrains found on Piggy Island and more, but only with the help of Mechanic Pig (or the Player.)

Likes: Building, Mechanic Pig, Pleasing King Pig

Dislikes: Failing his master. He once had a dream where his construction broke while transporting the King Pig's throne.

Trivia Edit

  • Ross seems to own a house and a toy plane on a photo Rovio Posted about Mechanic Pig.
    • But, the design of the house seems to be different compared to the other Pigs’ houses.
      • IN Flash version Ross's nose would bleed if on impact.
      • Ross is stored in Assembly-CSharp.dll and can be found with Unity 3D. But he is renamed to Pig.
      • Ross has different sets of layers. They can be viewed at the bottom at the page.
      • He is the only pig apart from the minion pigs that don't wear any accessories.
      • He is able no-clip in FoD level if using alien engine.