Gates and Buttons are mechanical objects that spawn in various levels where they are crucial to obtaining Stars. They can't be obtained by the player. Buttons come in 4 colors: red, green, blue and yellow. When a button is pressed, the gate of its color will activate, and swing in a certain direction. This can open or close off areas, and many other things. When the button is released, the gate will return to its original position. There is a gate with no color in Little Pig Adventure (S-10), but it can't be activated by any buttons. It won't open, and can glitch vehicles to break. Its purpose is unknown, possibly blocks the shortcuts.



The unopenable door.

  • The gates in S-10 is made out of ice, unlike others it’s maybe acts almost like ice.
  • The colour of gates seems to be colour of existing character in this game, namely:
    • Chuck: Yellow gate.
    • Red: Red gate.
    • Blues: Blue gate.
    • Pigs: Green gate.
  • The gate in Little Pig Adventure is the only gate in the level.
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