The Golden Pig is an item introduced in The Road to El Porkado. It is used to crush bricks and collect the star boxes underneath these.  It can pick up cakes and star boxes if it touches them, but if it touches the finish that won't count.  It also provides light around itself equal to that of Ross.

Screenshot (57)

The Golden Pig on the ice. Level 6-25


Variations include a roughly-cut wooden statue, an ice sculpture, and a gold statue of the Mighty Eagle.  The default and Eagle versions have the golden "shimmer" effect seen on golden-colored parts.


The Golden Pig is what the explorer pig finds in a cave in the story. He is given to the King Pig as treasure, who also looks like him.


  • After the Golden Pig is found in the second cutscene, he appears in almost every level afterwards.
  • When the status hits the ground it makes a small banging sound.  It is metallic regardless of variation.
  • The statue is the heaviest object in the game.
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