The grappling hook is an item introduced in Rise and Swine. When used, it shoots a projectile (a plunger by default) that flies out on a string. If it reaches a certain range, it will retract. If it hits a dessert or star box, it will collect it and retract. If it hits naturally placed TNT, the TNT will explode and the hook will swing loosely but not retract.(bug) If it hits the ground or a player-placed object, the plunger will stick there. It will retract if the button is pressed again. When stuck on something, it will pull itself to whatever the hook is attached to, stopping when it has reached a short range from its target. If it has grabbed a player-placed or naturally-spawned movable object then the object will be pulled as well. If a huge amount of force is applied, the hook can detach with a pop sound. However, this will more likely pull apart the vehicle.


  • The Grappling Hook's one-star variation has a bronze mount and a blue plunger.
  • Two-star variations include a pink mount with a green hand and a black mount with a gray hook.
  • The Grappling Hook's three-star variation is golden. It has a claw instead of a plunger.
  • An alien version of this item exists. This version fires an explosive bolt instead of a plunger and has a much longer range. The bolt explodes at its maximum range. It can still collect star boxes and desserts, which do not trigger the explosion.


  • It looks like a toilet plunger with a string attached onto it inside a gun.
  • As mentioned before, it was fixed since update 2.0, so the capability of damaging vehicles is gone, and sticks to them instead, but the alien version still functions as a weapon, and the Detacher is better at breaking off certain parts of the vehicle.
  • This item was the third item released in Rise and Swine, which weirdly is now the second episode, not fourth.
  • If the grappling hook is facing a box, it will hit it and launch it into air instead of grabbing the landscape, which makes it a good vehicle booster. Patched in 2.0.
  • If the grappling hook hits a TNT crate that was part of the landscape, the TNT will explode, but the grappling hook will remain attached to the spot where it hit the TNT. If the hook hits player-placed when they are right next to each other, the TNT will explode. If it hits the TNT from a long range, the TNT will be picked up. If the TNT explodes while held or when on the ground, the hook will swing loosely.
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