Ground Hog day
The Ground Hog day Episode

Release date

September 27, 2012

Episode number




Ground Hog Day is the first episode of Bad Piggies. it has a total of 45 Levels including the bonus levels.


One sunny day, Freckled Pig & Mechanic Pig were carrying King Pig's Throne Chair (With him on it) until they passed a telescope. King Pig went to use it and saw the eggs on top of the hill. He told Mechanic Pig to make a Map to the eggs, but Freckled Pig got curious with the Fan and turned it on, tearing the map, and scattering the pieces everywhere on Piggy Island. The Piggies must journey to retrieve the pieces of map and make their way to the eggs.

The Story continued into When Pigs Fly but as of an update, instead continued onto Rise and Swine.

Introduced Items

  • Wooden Wheels
  • Black Soda Bottles
  • Green Soda Bottles
  • Steel Wheels
  • Black Umbrellas
  • Yellow Umbrellas
  • TNT
  • Green Engine
  • Gray Engine
  • Red Engine
  • Electrical/Bicycle Wheels
  • Metal Wheels
  • Pair of Bellows
  • Fans
  • Spring


  • The name and picture of the Episode tells what the episode is all about.
  • The name of the episode is also the name of a holiday.
  • The fan in the cutscene looks different from the real fan in the game.
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