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Ideas and Suggestions Details

This only for the developers of Bad Piggies to read and add these in the game in Bad Piggies, they will add it in every platforms. You can edit this determine how addict you are. So suggest something relevant to Bad Piggies as you want but: DO NOT ADD JUNK DETAILS!

How to add a Suggestion?

Before you see there’s a large details there but you want to edit, press Enter (PC) or return (iOS) to edit it without deleting the details, by the way press Enter (PC) or return (iOS) to edit it and write something not exist in Bad Piggies and make in relevant to Bad Piggies to make a suggestion.


Suggestion Idea What do it do? Why adding this suggestion? Who did make this suggestion?
Difficulty Challenge profession player We want some challenge, it would be fun if we add difficulty, making it challenging and (RAGEQUITTING). Here’s the list of difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, Elite, Profession and CRAZY. William Doan

TNT launcher

Stun Ross by blind the screen white and the bomb will stick to the vehicle and after 10 seconds, the TNT will self-destruct Only in Elite+, these are traps and there’s a cannon on the ground with a laser aiming the wall, players must avoid the laser and go to another direction to stay alive. When get shot by a cannon it will stun Ross by making the vehicle slow and the screen will blind in 5 seconds and stick to the vehicle, after 10 seconds when got shot, the Trinitrotoluene (TNT) will self-destruct William Doan
Steel Cable Functions similarly to the rope but is longer. It also can't be broken by pulling it too fast. Unlike rope, steel cables will power things on both ends. Having a stronger rope would let us make builds using rope that doesn't break when you fly something up or drive forward fast. It can transmit power, so we can make vehicles that aren't connected by frames or springs, while the vehicle can still be powered by 1 engine. Variants include a silver version, a rusty version, a gold version with gemstones on it, and an alien variant that doesn't connect 2 things, but can be turned on and off. TheUserNamedT
Water Levels Levels with part of it in water. Basically, some elements will float, some elements won’t, and gravity will also be different. In some water levels the player must reach the end with both a pig and an oxygen tank. Also, life preservers, items that make the vehicle always float on water, can be attached to the sides of frames. It’s another level type idea, and some new sandboxes could have water as well for more variety. Adorablefishcat


Once a week, when you load a specific sandbox (the specific sandbox required is random), a small UFO will appear in one corner of the map. If you tap it, a gray, high-tech crate will appear, giving 4 rewards which always include one alien part. Also, alien parts should be cheaper to get, only 1000 scrap instead of 3000. Alien parts are way too hard to get, especially considering that no one needs a super powerful electronic lamp that is only useful in Road to El Porkado levels and Find the Statues. Adorablefishcat
Retracter (or Repeller) The retracter can be pointed in 4 directions, and can't be placed in frames. It has a button that, when held down, makes the surface it's pointing towards extend outwards on a longer and unbreakable version of the Rope. When It reaches its max range, it starts going backwards. It could also have an extend button and a retract button. It would be fun to be able to repel an arm downwards to pick up a star, or hand over a ledge.  You could make a stretchable car. TheUserNamedT
Parts for the Dynamite item from Cake Race The Dynamite should have its own parts to make it customizable, like one with wires and a digital clock, one with a crate with an egg timer and a TNT sticker, and one with a golden stopwatch. The Dynamite is the only item to not have any custom parts, so it need some of its own.  It would be fun to be able to make it fit with whatever other parts you’re using.  It could also change the icon in the top right corner to match the part you’re using. TheUserNamedT
Some changes to the Alien parts for the pop bottles. The black bottle, when activated, provides force for 15 seconds and then needs 6 to recharge.  The green bottle lasts for 10 seconds and can't be reused, but can be paused. Just having one give infinite force and one be really strong is kind of boring. TheUserNamedT
Some changes to the Alien pt for the Rotor. The rotor is still reversed and pushes, but when on, it rights itself to push in the direction it was placed in. The Alien rotor is kind of useless, and it would be cool to have it so more. TheUserNamedT
Some changes to the Alien part for the small wheel. The Alien small wheel, when on, is a bit slower than the powered wheel.  However, the more Alien parts you have in your vehicle, the faster it is. The Alien small wheel is pretty cool, but it would be fun to have a big vehicle with a bunch of engines and drive at 100000 mph. TheUserNamedT
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