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King Pig is the the pig's leader or simply their king. He never gives up on his (food-related) quests, even when he is beaten up all the time. He is the reason that the pigs are attempting to take the egg, but the pigs may probably want the eggs too.


The King Pig wears a crown with 3 blue gems across the middle. He is bigger (or fatter) than all of the pigs seen in the game. He is also the biggest pig of all, apart from the Fat Pig in Angry Birds Space. He is 3x2 boxes big in game.


King Pig is shown to be a gluttonous and greedy Pig. He also never quits when it's for the quest to stealing the Angry Bird's Eggs, as shown in Angry Birds Toons.

Also, King Pig seems to be a crybaby shown when he loses a race (Angry Birds GO!) (Image shown below infobox).


if something bad happens to him, or loses something. He is sensitive as he will cry even when he falls down.

Game Element

In The game, the King Pig takes up a 3x2 amount of space and is required for some levels to reach a get 2 or 3 Stars. He is also very heavy. This will make some levels hard to three star, but you can start the level without him.


On the level selection screen of Bad Piggies, upon obtaining your first cake from Sandbox or Rise and Swine episode, you may notice a crown button on the lower right of the screen. Pressing it will lead you to the "Feed the King Pig", where you feed King Pig the desserts you collect while playing. If you keep feeding him, there is a chance that he will give you the following power-ups.

Power Ups

King Pig rarely gives you the said power-ups, but will give them out commonly when not fed for a long period of time or else He gives useless items.

Useless Items

  • Flies
  • Nail File
  • Fish Skeleton
  • Hair Ball

Angry Birds Toons

In angry birds toons, he appears as a blob and eats VERY much. He is also the leader of the pigs.