Bad Piggies 1-1

Picture of Level 1-1

Level 1-1 (aka Classic Wooden Cart) is the first level and the Tutorial level of Bad Piggies. This level is a Ground Hog Day level.

Items Given

  1. 1 Freckles
  2. 3 Wooden Frames
  3. 2 Wooden Wheels


Screenshot (105)

The solution as of 2.2.0.

  1. Get Ross to the end
  2. Get the Star Box
  3. Do not destruct the vehicle (Krak or Snap)

Three Stars

  • (Tips and Tricks): You don’t need vehicle parts in order to complete. You can place a single Freckles on a box.
  • Design 1:
1 Frame 1 Frame 1 Frame Image
1 Wooden Wheel 1 Wooden Wheel
Classic Wooden Cart
  • Be patient and wait for the vehicle to get off the cliff then three stars occurred.


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