Level 1-11 is the eleventh level of Ground Hog Day and Bad Piggies.

IMG 1582

2nd star like this, 3rd, rotate green bottle.

Items Given

  1. 1 Freckles
  2. 4 Wooden Boxes
  3. 2 Wooden Wheels
  4. 2 Black Soda Bottles
  5. 1 Green Soda Bottle


  1. Get Freckles to a certain destination
  2. Get the Star Box
  3. Finish within 7 seconds


Level Finish

Building Phase

Create the vehicle as of the picture above.

Driving Phase

Turn the Black Soda Bottles on. After falling, do the same to the green one.

Level Three-Star

Building Phase

To get the time, use the same vehicle.

To get the Star Box, just rotate the green soda bottle facing it's bottle cap to the left.

Driving Phase

To get the time, do the exact thing on Level Finish.

To get the Star Box, turn all the bottles on.

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