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Level 1-12 is a level in Ground Hog Day.


The player is given a 5x3 grid, along with the following parts:

  • 1x Ross
  • 3x Wooden Frame
  • 2x Wooden Wheel
  • 3x Black Soda Bottle
  • 1x Green Soda Bottle


The player is awarded stars for the following conditions:

  • Ross reaches the goal.
  • The level's Star Box is collected.
  • The level is completed within 10 seconds.

The basic vehicle for this level is a simple cart with Soda Bottles on all sides. The Soda Bottles should be activated at various parts of the hill, depending on which condition you want to complete.

To collect the Star Box, the player should let the cart roll, then activate the Green Soda Bottle right as they reach a patch of thin grass near the bottom of the hill. This will give the cart just enough speed to jump over the box of TNT and reach the Star Box safely; from there, they can use the Black Soda Bottles to push the cart to the goal.

To fulfill the time condition, the player should let the cart roll, then activate all the Soda Bottles about halfway between the patch of thin grass and a small patch of tall grass.




  • Completing this level for the first time unlocks the first Sandbox level for Ground Hog Day.
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