1-12 is the twelveth level in Groud Hog Day.

IMG 1637

See how it is balanced!

Items Given

  1. 1 Freckles
  2. 3 Wooden Boxes
  3. 2 Wooden Wheels
  4. 3 Black Soda Bottles
  5. 1 Green Soda Bottle


  1. Get Freckles to a certain destination
  2. Get the Star Box
  3. Finish within 10 seconds


Level Finish

Building Phase

Use the vehicle on the picture above.

Driving Phase

Turn on all the Soda Bottles ONCE YOU GET ON THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL.

Level Three-star

Building Phase

Use the same exact vehicle.

Driving Phase

Turn on all the Soda Bottles when you are IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLAIN BELOW THE HILL. If you miss the Star Box or The time, turn them on earlier or sooner respectively.

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