TNT at the bottom.

Level 1-13 is a level in Ground Hog Day and Bad Piggies. This is also the first non-bonus level to introduce TNT.

Items Given

  1. 1 Freckles
  2. 2 TNTs


  1. Get Freckles to a certain destination.
  2. Get the Star Box.
  3. Get the Star Box.

Note: You do not need to do all that is above in one run to get three-stars. Once you earn the star, you keep it.


Level Finish

Building Phase

Put the TNT and Pig Besides Eachother.

Driving Phase

Make the TNT explode by clicking/tapping it or it's button.

Level Three-star

Building Phase

Mainly, the TNT must be below the Pig, as of the Picture above. Put the Pig on the left to get the lower Star Box, Right if higher Star Box.

Driving Phase

Make the TNT explode.

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