An L-shaped(Sort-of) Vehicle.

Level 1-14 is a level in Ground Hog Day and Bad Piggies.

Items Included


  • Get the Pig to a certain destination
  • Acquire the Star Box
  • Do not use the Pair of Bellows in this level

Note: You do not need to acquire all the stars in one run to get Three-stars. Once you earn a star, you keep the star.


Level Finish

Building Phase

Create a Left-side L-shaped vehicle, with the main body made of 3 Left-side L-shaped wood and at the left end being the Black Soda Bottle which Cap facing/Pointing to the left. Put the Pig at the Upper Wood and the TNT right below the Pig. Then two wheels below the Lower two boxes, as shown above.

Driving Phase

Pop the Soda Bottle. Then, make the TNT explode.

Level Three-star

Building Phase

To not use the Pair of bellows, use the vehicle used in Level Finish.

To acquire the Star Box, simply replace the Soda Bottle with the Bellows.

Driving Phase

To not use the Pair of bellows, simply do as what the Level finish says.

To acquire the Star Box, use the bellows, then when the vehicle almost/come to a stop, make the TNT explode.

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