The Tricky star box is right up there.

Level 1-15 is a level in Ground Hog Day.



  • Get the Pig to the checkpoint.
  • Acquire the Star Box
  • Do not use TNT.

Note: You do not need to accomplish all objectives in one run to get Three-stars. Once you earn a star, you keep that star.


Level Finish

  1. Create a rocket-like vehicle.
  2. On the middle are all Wood, the lowest sides of it are the four Soda Bottles.
  3. Then, the Pig will be placed on the highest Wood and on it's right is the Wooden Wheel.  Just second to the lowest box is where the TNT should be put.
  4. Turn on all the Soda Bottles, and the TNT after if needed.

Level Three-star

  • Use the same exact vehicle to get the Star Box, and not using the TNT by removing the TNT from the same contraption.
    • To not use the TNT, simply rocket to the Finish line using the same vehicle, but without the TNT.
  • To get the Star Box, just explode the TNT just when the Soda Bottles lift the vehicle, using the vehicle with TNT on a different attempt.
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