The whole 1-16 level.

Level 1-16 is a level in Ground Hog Day and Bad Piggies.

Items Included


  • Get the Pig  to the checkpoint.
  • Acquire the Star Box.
  • Acquire the Star Box.


Level Finish

  • First, put all the Wooden Boxes on the middle.
  • Then, put the wooden wheel on the Top-left, facing the finish line.
  • After that, put the soda bottles below on each side.
  • Then, put the TNT on the bottom-most box, and the pig on the Top-most box.
  • After tapping the check button, turn on all the Soda Bottles, and then the TNT after landing.

Level Three-star

  • Use the same contraption as of level finish.
  • Do the same, but make sure the pig is aligned with atleast one of the boxes. This may take a few tries.
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