Level 1-18 is a level in Bad Piggies and Ground Hog Day.

Vehicle Parts


  • Get the Pig to the checkpoint!
  • Acquire the Star Box
  • Do not use the Soda Bottles


Level Finish

  1. Create this vehicle:

This vehicle can finish the level, and get you that 3rd star.

  1. Close the Umbrella.
  2. Activate the Soda Bottle.
  3. Open the umbrella BEFORE falling.
  4. Close the umbrella when touching or when near the ground.
  5. Roll onto the finish line.
  6. Quickly do all those steps.

Level Three-star

  1. Do the above.
  2. Create this vehicle:

This vehicle can get you the "Do not use the Soda Bottle" star.

  1. Open and close the umbrella alternately and rapidly to get to the edge of floating ground and fall.
  2. Roll onto the finish line.
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