Level 1-23 is a level in Ground Hog Day.


The player is given a 5x3 grid, along with the following parts:

  • 1x Ross
  • 4x Wooden Frame
  • 2x Wooden Wheel
  • 1x Electric Fan
  • 2x Electric Motor
  • 1x Electric Umbrella
  • 1x TNT


The player is awarded stars for the following conditions:

  • Ross reaches the goal.
  • The level's Star Box is collected.
  • The level is completed within 16 seconds.

The vehicle for this level is a simple cart with two Electric Motors in the side frames, an Electric Fan on the right side, and an Electric Umbrella on the left. Ross should not be placed in the middle of the cart, but instead in a frame placed above that spot, with a box of TNT in his usual spot instead.

To fulfill the time condition, push the cart until it reaches a tuft of grass on the hill, and then detonate the TNT. The pig may take some time to get through the hole, but will usually reach the goal in time.

The star box can be collected by bringing the cart to the top of the hill, and then letting it "bounce" against the wall and start rolling back down the hill. The player should detonate the TNT before it rolls back down to the aforementioned tuft of grass.


Behind the goal is another hole containing a Skull. To reach this one, the player should push the cart until the left wheel is on top of a white flower on the hill, and then detonate the TNT. With luck, the pig will be blasted up and over the level, then roll to where the Skull is.



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