Level 1-30 is a level in Ground Hog Day.


The player is given a 4x2 grid, along with the following parts:

  • 1x Ross
  • 2x Wooden Frame
  • 3x Metal Frame
  • 2x Powered Wheel
  • 2x Electric Motor
  • 1x Umbrella


The player is awarded stars for the following conditions:

  • Ross reaches the goal.
  • The level's Star Box is collected.
  • The level is completed within 18 seconds.

For this, the player should use the Metal Frames, Electric Motors, and Powered Wheels to build a slightly unconventional variation of the simple cart design: One where the right wheel is placed on the side of the frame it's connected to, rather than the front. This keeps the wheel against the ground, letting the vehicle go fast enough to reach the goal in time even if the player goes for the Star Box. Note that the player should turn the Powered Wheels off once they reach the second tuft of grass before the hole, or they will get stuck as they fall down the hole; in addition, this design can easily get stuck on the rocks if the player isn't careful.



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