Level 1-36 is a level in Ground Hog Day. It is the final level of the chapter.


The player is given a 4x3 grid, along with the following parts:

  • 1x Ross
  • 3x Wooden Frame
  • 4x Metal Frame
  • 1x Wooden Wheel
  • 1x Metal Wheel
  • 2x Powered Wheel
  • 1x V8 Engine


The player is awarded stars for the following conditions:

  • Ross reaches the goal.
  • The level is completed without using Metal Wheels.
  • The level is completed within 9 seconds.

The player should build a modified metal cart with Powered Wheels. The back wheel should be placed on the side of the block it is connected to, a Wooden Wheel should be placed on top of the rightmost frame, and the V8 Engine should be placed in the leftmost frame.

And now, just let the vehicle run, and it will pull itself through the tunnels. Once the cart reaches the top, one of the wheels will get caught on a rock, but will push itself past the rock if it's still on; the wheels should be turned off right after this happens, so as not to slow the vehicle down. And from there, just let the vehicle roll the rest of the way to the final goal tape of Ground Hog Day.



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