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Level 6-17 is a level in The Road to El Porkado. It introduces the Spotlight, a light source that shines a light slightly further than the Flashlight's area of effect, but only in one direction. It also features buttons that stay in the pressed state even after the object pressing them is removed from the button, though these do not have a major role in the level.


The player is given a 5x4 grid, along with the following parts:

  • 1x Ross
  • 3x Metal Frame
  • 1x Combustion Engine
  • 2x Suction Cup Wheel
  • 1x Grappling Hook
  • 1x Gearbox
  • 1x Golden Pig
  • 1x Spotlight


The player is awarded stars for the following conditions:

  • Ross reaches the goal.
  • The lower Star Box is collected.
  • The upper Star Box is collected.

The player should create an upside-down 3x2 cart with Ross, the Combustion Engine, and the Gearbox inside, then place a down-facing Grappling Hook and a down-facing Spotlight below two of the frames on the cart; the cart should then be moved to the top-left corner of the grid. The player should flip the Gearbox, turn the Spotlight on, and start driving; the first Star Box will come into view once the cart makes its way onto the grassy part of the road, and the Grappling Hook should be used to collect it. After driving further, the Spotlight will illuminate a Bat Pig, who will drop a metal box on the button to open the gate just ahead. At this point, the player should flip the Gearbox and start slowing down, so that they can properly aim the Grappling Hook at the other Star Box to collect it. Once the last Star Box has been collected, the player can let the cart roll down into the goal.

Note that the Golden Pig is optional, but if used, it should be placed at the bottom-right corner; after receiving a little nudge from the cart, the Golden Pig will then travel down the tunnel at the bottom of the level. This is mostly for story purposes, as Ross will be separated from the Golden Pig for the next three levels.


There's a Statue beneath the lower path of the level. To reach it, the player will need to create a 3x2 cart with Ross, the Combustion Engine, and the Gearbox inside, place a down-facing Spotlight below the middle frame, and move the cart to the bottom-right corner of the grid. Turn the Spotlight on, then turn the Suction Cup Wheels on and let the cart drive down the tunnel; it should be right-side-up and on the ground at some point past the red gate. Once it's there, use the Gearbox to go in reverse, and the Spotlight should illuminate the Statue once the cart is up against the gate.