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Level 6-II is a bonus level in The Road to El Porkado. It is unlocked by collecting a combined total of 8 stars in the levels 6-5, 6-6, 6-7, and 6-8.


The player is given a 5x5 grid, along with the following parts:

  • 1x Ross
  • 6x Metal Frame
  • 2x Propeller
  • 1x Helicopter Rotor
  • 2x Combustion Engine
  • 1x V8 Engine
  • 1x Rope
  • 2x Double Balloon
  • 1x Detacher
  • 1x Flashlight


The player is awarded stars for the following conditions:

  • Ross reaches the goal.
  • The upper Star Box is collected.
  • The lower Star Box is collected.

The player should start with a 3x2 helicopter with Ross, a Combustion Engine, and a V8 Engine inside, then place Propellers on both sides, another Metal Frame below the middle frame with a Flashlight inside, and an empty Metal Frame connected to this bottom frame by a rope. There are three paths through the level, and the top path is the icy road leading directly to the goal. The player should start by taking the middle path, and keep flying to the right until they find a hole in the ground with spears on either side; the Star Box is located in this hole, and can be collected by lowering the frame connected to the rope into the hole. Once it has been collected, the player can cut the rope to make the helicopter a little bit lighter. The player should then go backwards and take the bottom path instead; there will be several Bat Pigs on the ceiling, and the middle one will drop the Star Box once illuminated. After collecting this Star Box, the player can just fly the rest of the way to the goal.


There is a Statue hidden in the bottom-left corner of the level. To reach it, the player should place Ross in the bottom-right corner of the grid, then let him roll down into the hole near the starting area; he will roll all the way down and illuminate the Statue.