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Remi Chapotot


Remi Chapotot

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Minion Pig

Dummy Minion Pig


Puffed Up


Up Or Down

 Peekaboo is the fourteenth episode of Piggy Tales. DescriptionEdit

One little piggy wants to play hide and seek, but his porky friend doen't seem to understand the rules! Or so it seem...


There are 2 pigs playing hide and seek one day. The first pig, was the one to seek, and the 2nd one, the dummy one, was the one to hide. The first pig, after finishing counting, found that the dummy pig wasn't hiding at all. So, the 1st pig explained to him the rules of the game and started counting again. After counting, the dummy pig was still not hiding. The first pig then decided to push the dummy pig, then started counting again. After counting, the first pig was surprised that the dummy pig finally hid. He first looked around a box, then gone to another location to find him. After he left, the dummy pig actually didn't move at where he stood at all. He painted his face white to camouflage himself, then also went away.

In the credits, the first pig has still not found him.


  • Minion Pig - Eleventh appearance in series
  • Dummy Minion Pig - Fourth appearance in series


  • The first pig should have found the dummy pig when he was looking around the box. He after all did only paint his face. His back side wasn't. But even the camera did not see this unpainted portion.


Piggy Tales "Peekaboo!"

Piggy Tales "Peekaboo!"

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