Pigs are the characters that show in the Bad Piggies game, and also the antagonists in the Angry Birds franchise.


Minion Pigs

The minion pigs are the dominant pigs of the game, they are the lowest of the low, but however not the main protagonists. They appear only on the cutscenes, but also on the Dessert Mode mini-game and the Cake Race main screen.

There are 3 different sizes of the pig: Small, Medium, and Large.

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Freckled Pig

Freckled Pig is the main character of the game. His freckles make him distinguishable from the minion pigs. It is able to build various vehicles and drive them as well.  Ross is a small minion pig.

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King Pig

King Pig a.k.a Smooth Cheeks, as the name says, is the King of the pig society. He is very gluttonous (meaning greedily eats food), in charge and bossy. He also often joins Freckles on driving to his destination.  When in levels, bringing him to the exit is a requirement for a star.

One last detail: He’s wimp.

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Mechanic Pig

Mechanic Pig is a friend of Freckled Pig, who helps him create the needed vehicles for the trip.

In the game, he is more of a power-up; the Mighty Eagle's counterpart. He will build the player the needed vehicle, but will not drive the self-made vehicle, thus the vehicle itself will not be effective unless the player uses it wisely and effectively.  Sometimes, the Mechanic Pig will create more than 1 vehicle, for different stars.

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Chef Pig

Chef Pig is the chef of King Pig. Like the minion pigs, he only appears on the cutscenes and the Dessert Mode mini-game.  It is presumed that the Desserts that spawn in levels were made and accidentally dropped by him.

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The Bat Pigs are a creature that only appears in some of the dark levels in The Road to El Porkado.  It only appears in dark spaces, where only its eyes are visible.  If light from any source hits it, it will disappear.  It can carry a box, a star box, TNT, or nothing.

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