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Power-Ups are one-use items in Bad Piggies. They are used to make the game easier to finish perfectly.


Power-ups are only one-use and is limited, so if one wants to get more, they can do one of the following:

  • Buy the power up in-game.
  • Feed the King Pig
  • Buy them with coins in the shopping menu.
  • Get them from Loot Crates.

In the Dessert Mode mini-game, The power-ups are sometimes given and the desserts you need to feed him are acquired by collecting them in the Sandbox levels and Story Mode levels.

Types of Power-ups

Currently, there are 5 types of power-ups.

  • Super Glue - Glues all connected sides of the vehicle, making it almost impossible to break.  The Alien Part for the Egg puts blue glue on nearby objects.  Springs are still susceptible to breaking.
  • Super Mechanic - The Mechanic Pig appears and builds a vehicle specially designed to win the level.  It also puts an icon in the top left corner that can be used to reconstruct the Mechanic's vehicle.  Sometimes there will be multiple different vehicles made to collect different stars, sometimes more than 3.  This powerup can't be used on sandboxes or Cake Race.
  • Magnets - When the pig passes by a dessert, star box in a level or sandbox, daily loot crate or cake race cake, it will float towards the pig at a slow speed, passing through objects.
  • Turbo Charges - Any engine or the pig will have its engine power increased.  A sparkle effect is added even if the engine isn't connected to anything.
  • Night Vision Goggles - Only available in dark levels.  All dark areas of the game are visible but tinted green.  This makes it easy to locate star boxes and to see the Bat Pigs.  This does NOT affect the range of light sources.  The alien variant for the lamp achieves an identical effect, except for that it can be turned off.