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Push Button Trouble
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Push Button Trouble is the eleventh episode of Piggy Tales and a sequel episode of Push Button. Description

Another day, another button! Why can't those pesky piggies just do as they're told? Being curious must be in their DNA! 


Minion Pig passes by another box with a red button on top of it. Looking curious, he tried to push the button, but he can't reach it. So he ran towards the box and jumped over it, making it easier to push the button. After he pushed the button, the ground shook and sloped, making the piggy fall. Yet again, the pig tried to push the button, but ended up repeating the same mistake and again fell. The piggy climbed up the box with Suction-cup wheels this time, and pushed the button once again, making the same things happen once again. Trying to push the button again, he climbed the ground with a grappling hook and grip it to the box. But before he pushed the button, the box flipped, making the button get pushed and held like it, making the ground slope numerous amount of times continously, until they are upside down. After it stopped, the piggy was proud because he survived, but the box who's now at the top of him, fell and squished him with the red button facing to the ground, making the ground loop around once again.


  • Minion Pig - Eighth Appearance in series
  • A box with big red button - Second Exclusive Appearance


  • This episode is a sequel of Push Button episode
  • The box is based on the same box in the original Push Button episode, but instead of squishing pigs, the button is purposed to slope the landscape.



Piggy Tales "Push-button Trouble"