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Request for Permissions is LIVE!  

Current positions available  

Chat Moderator (Closed): Must be consistently in chat and have reported 3 people abusing the chat function via Noticeboard/Message Wall. Requires Community Approval. 

Rollback (Open): 100 Edits. Must have fixed/reported 1 instance of spam/repeated spam. Does not require community approval.  

Administrator (Open): 550 Edits. Must have 550 Quality edits, less then 5% of edits must be in comments/blog post comments. Must be consistently active. Requires Community Approval. Requires Administrator Approval. 

Bureaucrat (Closed): 1,000 Edits. Must be an administrator, Requires Community, Administrator Approval. Must have been an administrator for at least 6 months WITHOUT warnings/punishments.  


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