The Rope

First Level Appearance



Very Low

Ropes are tools you receive later in the game. They act like springs, but are much more flexible. They will also break with too much force applied by one side, or when hitting a rock or an object. Strings can also be broken by pressing the cut rope sign. It is of note to add that ropes are intangible with parts, but not terrain. This may cause some strange effects when using ropes.


  • Rope's one-star variation is pink.
  • Rope's two-star variation is a white necklace.
  • Rope's three-star variation is golden.


  • Use the ropes when you have a two part vehicle. You can also cut the ropes. 
  • You can also use both of the airplane parts attached onto a box with the pig in that box with a rope connected to a car. Rope can also be good for 2 part vehicles. You can set up a firework contraption to get your airplane design in the air then cut the rope then glide.
  • Currently, the rope is the weakest item in the game as of the 1.5 patch
  • The rope can stretch up to four times it's size when fully stretched, but may have a chance to be cut when stretched fast with strong force.
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