Freckles standalone
Freckles as seen in the game.


Green Pig



First Level Appearance

Ground Hog Days 1-1


Construct/Pilot Vehicles

Freckles  is the main protagonist of Bad Piggies. He is able to build and drive vehicles to get to a certain point of Piggy Island. He is sometimes with King Pig and Mechanic Pig. Freckled pig can propel wheels, umbrellas, suction cup wheels and fans and etc.


Freckles looks similar to the minion pigs, but with freckles.


The Freckles, is able to construct and Pilot vehicles through all kinds of obstacles and terrains found in normal, but only with the help of Mechanic Pig or the Player.


  • Freckles seems to own a house and a toy plane on a photo Rovio Posted about Mechanic Pig.
    • But, the designation of the house seems to be more different than the other Pig's house.
  • In the online (also unofficial) versions of the game, freckles's nose bleeds whenever on impact.
  • Freckles is stored in Assembly-CSharp.dll and can be found with Unity 3D. But he is renamed to Pig.
  • Freckles has different sets of layers. They can be viewed at the bottom at the page.
  • He is the only pig apart from the minion pigs that don't wear a hat or a crown.
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