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Rough-Necks is the second episode of Piggy Tales. It is the first to introduce the Construction Minion Pigs.

PBS Kids Description

Get your hard hat ready! Those towers don’t build themselves you know, so when a piggy gets his tools mixed up, things don’t go according to plan.


Note: The Camera always shows the bottom of the staircase

A Construction Minion Pig is working on top of a staircase with his hammer, but accidentally cut hold of it and fell. He started coming down the staircase and then picks it up, then goes back up again. Then, the same thing happen, but this time, another Constrution Minion Pig came, compares his saw with a hammer, and then takes the hammer, leaving his saw behind. Then the first Construction minion Pig finally reached the bottom, but was surprised yet confused of how his hammer turned into a saw. He then "wobbled" the saw and becomes fine with it, and goes back up to work. He used the saw, then fell from the staircase. He comes stands back up consciously, and the saw fell on his head (safely).


  • Construction Minion Pig- First Appearance in series
  • Staircase - Exclusive Appearance


  • The staircase may just be a building.
  • The staircase looks like it is not too stable.
  • The constructor pig is known to be reference in “Piggy Tales: Pig At Work”
  • The story almost like a looping story due to capabilities that the hammer fell, saw fell and pig fell rapidly. First being “Trampoline” and third being “Snooze”.


Piggy Tales "Roughnecks"

Piggy Tales "Roughnecks"

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