A Sandbag is an item used to give extra weight that may be removed at any time one wishes. They are very heavy, they can roll around (quite awkwardly), and come in packs of one, two, or three, based on weight.


First Level Appearance (Single)


First Level Appearance (Double)


First Level Appearance (Triple)



Indestructible (though they may be manually detached)


Adds weight based on quantity


The Sandbag is an item used to add weight to an aircraft that one may remove at any point. They are most commonly used in just dirigibles, because a plane would not be able to make much use for this mechanic. They are quite heavy, and come in packs of one, two or three to add more weight. The sandbag cannot break off the box they are attached to, similar to balloons. They, however, do not fall off or break on contact with a terrain form.


  • The Sandbag's one-star variation is a bag of candy.
  • The Sandbag's two-star variation is an anvil.
  • The Sandbag's three-star variation is a chunk of gold.
  • Interestingly, the single Sandbag has a stocking and a tombstone as two-star and three-star variations, respectively. Double and triple Sandbags do not have this variation. The tombstone is significantly heavier than even the triple sandbags, so it is useful if you really need extra weight.
  • There is a iOS glitch in sandbox when after you use the double sandbag, It‘s texture will turn into a triple sandbag.