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A Sandbag is an item used to give extra weight that may be removed at any time one wishes. They are very heavy, they can roll around (quite awkwardly), and come in packs of one, two, or three, like balloons.


First Level Appearance (Single)


First Level Appearance (Double)


First Level Appearance (Triple)



Indestructible (though they may be manually detached)


Adds weight based on quantity



The sandbag can be attached to a wooden frame, a metal frame, or the pig.  When released, the sandbag will detach, making the thing it is attached to jump up a bit.  The larger groups of sandbags have a larger weight and can drop more sandbags.  Released sandbags can roll an object around.  Unlike balloons, sandbags can only attach to blocks they are directly under.

Variations (Applies to all sandbag groups)

  • The Sandbag's one-star variation is a bag of candy.
  • The Sandbag's two-star variation is an anvil.
  • The Sandbag's three-star variation is a chunk of gold.
  • Interestingly, the single sandbag also has a 2-star stocking variation and a 3-star tombstone variation.  The tombstone variation weighs an immense amount, more than 3 regular sandbags.


  • The sandbag's 1-star variation appears in the Cake Race main screen.
  • The 2-star sandbag's appearance in the building menu will add a 3rd sandbag to its appearance as a glitch when any menu is opened and closed again.  The glitch will disappear if you remove and then put back the sandbag