List of objects: 1. wood block 2. iron block 3. Egg (it is transported) 4.V8 Motor 5.V4 motor 6.V2 motor 7. wooden wheel 8. The iron wheel 9. A small support wheel 10. automatic wheel 11. The fairing on a wooden mount 12. Iron tail 13. Iron fairing 14. The tail on a wooden mount 15. Small propeller 16. fan 17 and 19. fireworks 18. blower 20, 22 and 23. sacks 24. umbrella 25. automatic umbrella 26. rope 27, 31 and 32. balloons 28. spring 29. large propeller 30. dynamite 33 and 34. Bottle of soda

Sandbox mode is a place where you build your own machines/contraptions, and you get to use any piece you want.

You do not have a goal, but you have to get 20 stars (40 stars in the Field Of Dreams) in each sandbox level. Once you get all the stars in the sandbox levels, (if you feel necessary), you can feel free to build what you want. There are sandbox levels for Ground Hog Day, Rise and swine, When Pigs Fly, and Flight in the Night. There is also another sandbox place, called "Field Of Dreams," and you get a lot of space to test machines and there are also random TNT, etc around. It is purchasable. There is a top of the sandbox.

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