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The Soda Bottles are an early-game item that can't be placed in frames. They can be rotated in 4 directions, and when

The Soda Bottles. Wait a minute... is it COKE?

activated, after a short delay, provide a push in whatever direction they're facing, effectively making them a downgrade to the rocket. The delay between activation is the same as the rocket, except that the rocket's delay is because of the fuse, the bottles are both shaken up first.


There are currently two types of Soda Bottles. They provide the same amount of thrust and have the same duration. These are the following:

  • Black Soda Bottle
  • Green Soda Bottle

As a Light Source

Both bottles, when active but not when charging up, provide a light source around them in dark levels the same size as the rocket, pig, and statue. It isn't known why they do this, but if the soda glows somehow, then that's probably not a soda you should consider drinking.


Both bottles have the same amount of variations, and none of them affect their strength or duration.

  • The one-star variations are a triangular flask, similar to one in a lab.
  • The two-star variations have 3 rings around the middle of the bottle in their design.
  • The three-star variations are the same, but with a gold cap and mount.
  • Alien variations exist for both bottles. They both appear as a bag with a mount and a spout on one end. The green bottle has an extremely strong force, much more than the rocket. The black bottle is changed to a more futuristic blue, and its thrust is infinite, as well as its light source.
  • On the iOS version, it seems as though the mounts for one and two-star variations are mixed up. The black bottle has only bronze mounts, while the green bottle has only black mounts.


  • There is a rumor that at one point the soda bottles had labels, but this is untrue. They never had labels, and most likely never will.
  • The soda bottles being shaken up before launch is inspired by how real life soda will rocket out when shaken.