A star is a reward that you can get in Bad Piggies. Unlike in the other Angry Birds Games, you complete certain objectives to get a star, instead of getting a high enough score to get one. Collecting a certain number of stars will open a special level in the row of four levels. Also, getting a star will reward you with a snout coin and a number of XP.   


Getting stars in the game means completing certain objectives. Here is the list of objectives in the game so far. Playing in offline will result a green star.


Star Image
Get the Pig to the target destination
Star pic1
Get the Pig to the target destination without damaging your vehicle
Star pic3
Get the Pig to a certain destination while aquiring the Star Box.
Star pic2
Get the Pig to a certain destination in a certain amount
Star pic4
Transport The Pig and the King Pig to a certain destination TOGETHER NA
Get the Pig to a certain destination with your contraption not containing a certain vehicle part. NA


Star Image
Transport the Pig and the Egg to a certain destination TOGETHER.(Flight in the night Exclusive) NA
Transport the Pig and the Pumpkin with candy to a certain destination TOGETHER (Tusk til' Dawn Exclusive) NA
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