A star is a reward that you can get in Bad Piggies. Unlike in the other Angry Birds Games, you complete certain objectives to get a star, instead of getting a high enough score to get one. Collecting a certain number of stars will open a special level in the row of four levels. Also, getting a star will reward you with a snout coin and a number of XP. Another difference is that the stars can be collected in multiple runs, not in just one. (In some levels it's impossible to get all three stars unless hacked)   


Getting stars in the game means completing certain objectives. Here is the list of objectives in the game so far. Playing in offline will result a green star.


Star Image
Get the Pig to the target destination
Star pic1
Get the Pig to the target destination without damaging your vehicle
Star pic3
Get the Pig to a certain destination while aquiring the Star Box.
Star pic2
Get the Pig to a certain destination in a certain amount
Star pic4
Transport The Pig and the King Pig to a certain destination TOGETHER NA
Get the Pig to a certain destination with your contraption not containing a certain vehicle part. NA


Star Image
Transport the Pig and the Egg to a certain destination TOGETHER.(Flight in the night Exclusive) NA
Transport the Pig and the Pumpkin with candy to a certain destination TOGETHER (Tusk til' Dawn Exclusive) NA
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